Monday, April 30, 2007

And my angel she said unto me, Today is the day for you to rise

Today I heard that The Eastern Market was ravaged by fire. Located on Capital Hill, this was a great place to wander when drunk, stoned and hungover. I have spent many a hungover morning scouring that place for something delicious and cold to drink. After awhile I'd settle for a semi-cold can of diet coke and I'd usually swipe a candy bar for some oomph. I've stolen lots of candy bars from the Eastern Market.

I've also purchased lots of wares outside in the open air market. Paintings, jewelry, purses, plants, poultry, flowers, candles and fucking martini sets. Been there done that.

The Real Simple Athletes live practically right next door to the Eastern Market and they are devastated. They sent frontline footage, photos, stories and drama. I could post all that, and post all my old archived photos of me and various friends, family and freaky strangers hanging out at the Eastern Market. I could go into a whole thing about the decades (decades?) of fun we've had there, about Wolf peeing in the corner there, and puking too. And we could all send in our favorite Eastern Market stories.

But then I got to thinking that The Real Simple Athletes should get their own fucking web site to post all their exciting victories and personal drama. And then I remembered that they do have a web site.

So that means I have to talk about myself. Who, me? Yea, me.

I am defined right now by my work which sucks and which means I can't be a mom and a friend and a wife and a housecleaner like I want to be. No need to break out the violin. I know I could have it worse and blabbity blah blah. And I agree, we should really get a housekeeper!!

I'm so busy and have no choice about it because in a very short time, my business has gone in a whole new direction. The base of it is the same but the business plan is different. And I'm now required to be more quiet about it because there are more players involved.

Last week I sat in the old board room and office that Bernie Ebbers used to occupy. He was the CEO of WorldCom who is now behind bars. The client I was visiting is currently occupying parts of what was the WorldCom "campus". While it was mildly interesting to tour Bernie Ebbers and Scott Sullivan's offices, which are still untouched except that some of the furniture is gone, it was most meaningful that we were putting together an incredibly lucrative deal while sitting in the very chairs that Ebbers and Sullivan no doubt sat in while making incredibly fraudulent decisions. The whole place was eerie to be honest, and felt sticky and gross. We drank enormous amounts of alcohol each evening to cleanse ourselves.

And after three long days the deal was done. It was yet another big deal in a line of deals that if we can actually pull off, will mean big things. And big means large. And large is good. And we all know that, right?

P.S. I don't normally credit my headlines, most of which are song lyrics. But I feel the need to disclaimer that my headline is not from the bible, but a Jimi Hendrix written lyric. I thought it was fitting for both the Eastern Market, and for me.

Ok, Good night.

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