Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why I Will Not Back Hillary Clinton for President

The whole Don Imus thing has gone way too far and it's starting to really piss me off. For one, whether you like him or not, he was trying to say something funny and that is it. Do I think it was funny? Maybe. Do most people? No. Were the girl's feelings hurt? Yes. What lesson is to be learned here? We get our feelings hurt sometimes.

Sure, Imus is a terrible person. He's stupid and naive. He is a hater. The world already knew this. So why is he just now getting all this heat? It's well documented that this guy has been a hating racist for decades! Hello, society: His form of humor and hatred is enjoyed by the vast majority of this country. By me? No. But I do not care what he says!! TURN THE STATION IF YOU ARE OFFENDED.

Ok, ok I get the whole "public airwaves" debate. OH NO! what if some kid just happened to turn on the "public radio" to hear all the hate? Oh no if our kids have to deal with reality, and oh no if we parents have to teach them about reality. There is hatred, sexism, racism, and classism in this country. Yes, it's true children.... but your parents are too afraid to educate you on how to handle all this and how to be a free thinker. So instead, we vilify a man in the "public media" until he loses his job and then we tell our children that he's the hater. I don't like Imus. Actually I don't think anything about him. But do we really think a man should lose his job when, as an entertainer his job is, in part, to shock and entertain his listeners? It astounds me that most everyone talking about him have stated they have never heard his radio program.

The truth is I can probably be swayed on the whole debate and I was ready to forget the whole thing. Until. Until I found out that Lady Hill has decided to capitalize on this.

I'm sick and disgusted to report that Hillary Clinton is inviting potential voters to her web site so they can send messages of respect to the Rutgers players. Hillary said, "Don Imus's comments were nothing more than small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism. They showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African Americans and women everywhere."

What the fuck does any of this have to do with Hillary? Why is she sending emails to her supporters inviting them to go to HER web site to send messages to basketball players at Rutgers? Why not direct society to the Rutgers web site? So she can take the credit? Because seriously. If she were to become President (which she won't), is she planning to take on the issues of racism and sexism and equality and make meaningful changes? No. She wants votes. Understandable.

So what's her next move? She's going to Rutgers. She's going to meet with the young ladies who had their feelings hurt.

C'mon people. We're holding press conferences about Imus who said a stupid joke, and presidential candidates are flying around visiting a small group of basketball players who never heard of Imus two weeks ago. We can do better. She can do better.

I will not back a presidential candidate who will freely hop from one debate to the next, from one hot button to the next, from one press conference and tv appearance to the next. I will not back a presidential candidate who does not understand the fundamentals of how society works. The Don Imus situation really is too bad. What's worse is that Hillary took this sad situation and made it worse. She could have helped make this into a positive race relations story in order to help teach our children about racism, sexism and classism.

Nope. Not Lady Hill. She'll take her web site and her votes and she'll go off and spew hatred about old men with white hair who have radio shows. What a hypocrite.


Hot Topic Licker said...

I think Imus is HOT.

rollo said...

who the fuck is 'hot topic licker'. that's the worst screen name ever.

go suck a cock 'hot topic licker'.

Hot Topic Licker said...

who is this Rollo person--boy or girl? Shoe you face.

tommy b. said...

Rollo is a dude. Read some of the previous comments he's left. He's kind of funny, too.

'Shoe you face.' Now that's ridiculous. This 'hot topic licker' sure is a strange one...a few fries short of a happy meal.

Hot Topic Licker said...

I still think Imus is HOT.