Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know I've been lame keeping up with this. I'm really busy at work, and struggling with a few things there, and I really didn't want to just come on here and bitch. I knew it would come out sounding like no big deal, or like I am just whiny.

I am having a hard time managing a few people and I am pretty down on them and myself over the whole thing. I expect everyone to be able to balance life and work, and to be able to multi-task, be proactive, and speak up with ideas and problems (instead of waiting for all hell to break loose). I don't understand why so many people seem to be afraid of their own shadow. I don't understand why people don't understand that being afraid to say something or do something means we'll never improve, which means what is the point exactly? There is risk involved, and chances we have to take, and choices we have to make in order to keep going, improving, and becoming successful. I don't understand why so many people expect someone else to just hand them a manual of how to do their job. How many jobs are really like that? I've never had one, that's for sure.

Maybe I expect too much. Maybe I don't have the right people. But it's so difficult to invest so much time in a person to find out months later they just.don' And I get depressed over the whole thing.

Managing people is the hardest part of any job I've ever had. People are so difficult to crack, to get inside, to understand. As much as I work to avoid it, there are always head games and ulterior motives that don't occur to me until much too late. I am too invested in the real job at hand. I don't spend my time worrying about who said what to whom, and who reports to whom, and who stepped on someone else's toes. WHO CARES? If it doesn't affect the end result, the ultimate goal at hand, who cares?

Maybe I don't need to have those feelings since it's a family business, and my Moss (mom/boss) isn't really a boss, but more of a mom, so I've always had to find ways, fend for myself, figure it out. I somehow expect others to follow suit, and it just doesn't happen.

Last night I went to a Jewelry Party. This is basically a reason to get a bunch of girls together to drink and possibly buy some jewelry from some chicks my friend met in a bar. Long story. But I crack myself up hanging out with 25 girls. It's so not me. Yet at the same time it is. I mean, I love jewelry, and drinking. Too bad I'm 6 months pregnant.

Oh yes, so the pregnancy is moving along, thank GOD! I can't stand being pregnant, it's boring as all hell and far too uncomfortable. My life must contain lots of alcohol and drugs in order to survive all the stress I create for myeslf at work, and pregnancy just doesn't fit into that equation. I kid, sort of.

Thanks be to the god of all things baby - this is the last and final pregnancy ever for Mrs. Whine Shriner. I just have to keep reminding myself... only 4 more months of this bullshit. (Yes kids, pregnancy is 10 months, not 9). And I have to remind Mr. Grass that he needs to make an appointment to get snipped.

Of course we are excited for the day the real baby arrives and the big, fat mommy starts to shrink down to normal size. The remainder of 2007 simply cannot go by fast enough.

While I do not want to print his full name here I will tell you that his first name is Alex.

And here's the latest Glamour Shots of Alex, taken just this morning. He is currently a whopping 1 pound, 3 ounces.

He is sucking his thumb in this pic.

And in this one you can see that all those dark patches on his head are hair. He is looking to come to our world with as much hair as his big brother had.

What else? Don't know. I guess I need to get back to the chaos and drama called work. Good thing I'm getting paid for this shit because it is the biggest headache at the moment. Even though most people would call me crazy, I can't wait for maternity leave. It sounds so much easier at this moment. We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Lil Alex looks so sweet and hairy!