Monday, May 25, 2009

Are there any experts out there? My friend is being abused!

Remember I said that she has told me about this, and also another friend? The other friend talked to her as she was driving back from Miami.

She said they have to get help. That no one wants to get divorced. She said that they have to get counseling. That they must give it a chance. That she must feel like she has given it a chance.

She also said that he taunts their 2 year old daughter. Let's picture a nice, beautiful girl sitting quietly on the couch. Let's picture her feeling very content. Let's picture her dad walking up to her, taking the pacifier out of her mouth, and throwing it across the room. He then leaves, his daughter crying. He does not come back, not until she stops crying. He did this to her. To them.

She said this kind of thing goes on a lot. This, on top of the physical violence, of which we do not know how severe. This is why their son is a monster. I am sad beyond belief. I am so sad. I am so sad. I can't stop saying it. I am crying.

She did not return calls or text messages last night. From anyone. We did drive-bys. We did more drive-bys.

Today, we didn't hear from her at all. Late tonight I talked to her. She said that things are cold between them, but they have not been fighting. She said he is sleeping in the office. I am very certain that she is never fully honest. I told her I'd call her tomorrow. She said, "thank you".

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