Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Friend went to Miami

They had been fighting most of this past week about a trip to Miami. Her best friend from college, a friend she has known almost 20 years, one she barely gets to see, would be in Miami. There would be a group of couples, and originally (supposedly), my friend and her asshole husband were going to spend the weekend in Miami with all these couples. Supposedly, the baby sitter fell apart, and that's when shit hit the fan early last week.

The story goes that babysitter canceled, or something, and then my friend and the asshole decided they weren't going to Miami. Then my friend decided she has to go anyway, to spend some much needed time with her oldest, bestest friend.

She presented the idea that she'd go and he stay home. She ended up getting choked. Literally. How could she fathom making the 2 hour trip to Miami without him? How could she fathom spending the night? How could she fathom that he would watch his children for once, alone, by himself. These are his kids too.

She would have to be punished for being so selfish. She would be choked. She'd be kicked out of the house. She started packing. She had no intention of leaving, but she wanted to. Shit, what about the kids?

She probably was fighting with him well into the night. Her kids would not sleep well, again. They will wake up a lot during the night. And very early in the morning. They will become physically ill. Some nights one or both of them have thrown up at least once, if not multiple times throughout the night.

She left for Miami this morning. I'm so glad. I'm so sad she has to come back.

This leaves him alone. With their two kids. His mom lives up the street. He calls her.

But first, he must attend a birthday party. One that I am attending with my family. I am angry that I have to see him today. I am so sad for his kids. For her kids. I see them. I try not to acknowledge him. I have to. A little. I am sad. I have to pretend. A lot.

He tells everyone he has no idea why his wife went to Miami. That he had no idea she was going. He lies. He is a liar. I am not able to fake it. I am not a fake.

She is in Miami. Back tomorrow afternoon. I will call her tomorrow night. I have a feeling he is not going to be happy to see her tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This is incredibly sad. The whole thing. The entire situation is fucked up. Your poor friend. How could she even have a good time in Miami with what is going on? Is she honest with her girlfriend she met in Miami?

Where do you even begin to help her other than to always be a good listener and tell her what she needs to hear at the time.


Anonymous said...

How was her return? Was he an ass? Was she hurt.