Friday, January 25, 2008

Let the tears splash all over you

I'm trying to figure out what to say.

You know, something funny. Something profound. Something interesting, eye opening, or, something.

Is there anything in particular you want to know? I am willing to tell you.

Things got a little stressful when #2 was on "the light blanket" (that is what the medical types call it; a "blanket", which it is not, at all), and he was not getting better. The doctor started talking about testing for some rare "conditions", otherwise known as diseases. We started researching the internets.

At this point were visiting the doctor every day. We actually visited the doctor more often with #2 during his first week of life, than we did with #1 during his first two years of life. Now, the doctor remembers us and remembers our story. Oh yes, the parents with the anomoly kid. The kid who is not getting better. And is not gaining weight. Not good. So come back and visit us again tomorrow, ok?

At one point, Mr. Grass looked at the doctor and said something like, "yea, we've been researching this on the internet and we haven't found anything either."

The doctor looked at me and cracked a tiny little smile. As if to say, "I spent over half my life preparing for this moment - this moment of being a good pediatrician with years of experience and tons of documentation to prove it. Good to know you didn't find REASON your SON is NOT GETTING BETTER on the INTERNET!"

He didn't actually say that. Nor did he think it. But I did. The doctor? He just gave me a little smile.

So #2 is fine now. We got a new light "blanket" and he made a miraculous turn in less than 24 hours. WOO HOO!

#1 is also doing much better. And the rest of us? We are surviving on wine. And vodka. But let's focus on the wine. After all, this is the Wine Shrine. What are you drinking?


meg said...

it sounds horrific and stressful and annoying and frustrating and etc., but just knowing you and knowing that you were perhaps thinking what the dr. might be thinking about all the "research" y'all had done on the internet is hilarious! Classic Posti! I am SOOOO glad to hear the Caronch Ranch in on the mend!

mrs real simple said...

this our new fav shit...

Amy said...

What a nightmare, sounds like its getting better however...hopefully the worst is behind you. I'm about to pour a drink...thinking vodka and tonic. My own Mr. Grass is ready to start the baby making thing...I'm so not but is one ever? Fuck me. Or, not rather... Today I hung with the neighbors 6 month old while the went out. It was pretty easy but I found myself checking on her every 3 minutes while she was napping t make sure she was still breathing, I was somehow afraid I'd killed her because she didn't burb after her bottle. Jesus. Winter has arrived in NYC and we are in the process of working through our apartment purchase. We are heading to DR end of March-April 4 (this is where the baby making is supposed to take place) but maybe we can plan something end of April/early May? Kim, any chance in hell you can get a hall pass for a weekend around that time?

meg said...

crack is in the mail!

Head Whiner said...

we have a family vacation in early may with the brady bunch. we are all headed to some place in the pan handle. otherwise i'm pretty much available, though not sure i can get a pass to leave the area for much longer than a night. what about a combo naples/miami, or naples/tampa or naples/orlando trip? i know, a lot to ask. i guess it also depends what happens in DR. HMMM. baby making can change everything.