Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I hear people singing It must be christmastime

Well, that's over. Went pretty smoothly actually. Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'...

It's nice that we don't have to travel for these holidays. It's nice to go about our lives with just the occasional interruption to go eat and open gifts with the fam, and extended fam, and extended extended fam. Each year brings an interesting group of people together. A group that would never, ever normally all hang out together. Strange that anyone would think it's a good idea to try it out on a day when everyone just wants to relax and have fun, but can't, but why? I hate shit like that.

Plus, I'm all uncomfortable and cranky. I can't believe I'm pregnant. Jesus. I can't believe I'm about to give birth. Fuck. I can't believe we're about to have a helpless little thing around here. Shit. It's all starting to sink in, finally, I guess. Christ. What the fuck?

Technically shit could go down any day. I am just a couple days shy of 37 weeks, and that means we can safely say baby is "ready". Whatever that means. I hate the waiting.

I am headed to the doc's office today to see how things are going. I won't actually see the doctor, but I'll see an ultrasound of the baby, determine how much he weighs this week and what position he is in. They will weigh me too, and I'll pee in a cup. Unless the nurse sees anything that makes her think I'm about to give birth, I'll then make an appointment to go back next week. It is then that I'll see the doctor, and schedule to be induced.

Is it next week yet?

In the meantime I have to finish up 4 annual reviews so they are complete before I go on maternity leave. I hate annual reviews.

I am also chillin' with Little Little this week. He is on vacation from school until Jan. 7, which means we need to find ways to entertain him. Good news is he received every Thomas and Friends toy, game and DVD that exists, so there are numerous ways to distract and redirect when boredom sets in.

What is that you ask? What kind of gifts did the Whiner receive? Well, thank you for asking.

Here are my 2007 top 3 favorite gifts. Like you care. But I'm having fun, so go with it.

In descending order.

Favorite #3
Who loves ya like a sister? This is AWESOME! We got a $250 gift certificate to Merry Maids. Yea, baby. Should I order this up this service before the baby arrives or after? I'm thinking after. When I can be sitting out by the pool with large glasses of vodka, sipping, watching someone clean my house. Yea, definitely after.

Favorite #2
This contraption is just expensive for no reason, but cool as shit. A funky bassinet, very foldable and therefore portable. Baby can sleep and chill out wherever we want him to. Like, for example, out by the pool while mommy is sipping large glasses of vodka. Yea, that doesn't sound very safe. But I'll be safe about it, I promise.

Favorite #1

We, uh, kinda did something spontaneous. We bought this bad boy on Saturday and it was delivered on Monday morning!! Kick ass, I tell you. Fits PERFECTLY in our living room. It's NOT white, it's taupe. It's so cool. We're calling this our Christmas/Anniversary gift to each other.

And, there you have it. I hope you had fun with your families and friends. I'll keep y'all updated on the baby progress. Here's hoping my water breaks soon. Like today.

Have a good week!


meg said...

Hang in there kid! You are almost 18 years or raising, then some college, and hopefuly post graduate work, marriages, and then grand children, etc.

Yikes, I'b be like, "What the 'uck" too!

LOVE the sofa. Maids are nyse and so worthy!

Amy said...

Watch the Merry Maids - those ladies sole shit from the house I lived in PacHeights...expensive - antiquey - nonreplaceable type shit....and that isnt the only incidence I'm aware of...

Nice sofa! We got our ottoman last week, LOVE IT...thanks ladies.

The friends are starting to desend on us from Boston and SF, thank God the neighbors are out of town so we can use their 2bdrm. So many folks in town - let the party begin!! Happy NY Ladies! Here's to a fantastic 2008!

Amy said...

Oh, an update on the Dennis brain tumor issue..they were able to remove 90% of it however its malignant...dude has to start fucking drag, out of nowhere. His father was diagnosed with parkinsons' the same week, he's a dentist..we are pretty bummed and anxious. Life is very fragile.

Head Whiner said...

Did you host a big NYE party? How was it? What happened?

Amy said...

No- we party hopped...I've never been so sober on NYE....I'm sure you are feeling the same:) It was nice...heading to a diner for breakfast...

meg said...

So...hear me out, but I got the new Alison Krauss & Robert Plant cd, raising sand, and it rocks. What a combo these too.