Thursday, November 1, 2007

Enough About Me Let's Talk About You For A Minute

So, yea, hi.

Wow. I know, I know. It's been too long, baby. It's been over one month since I last came 'round here doin' any kind of postin' activities. In some ways that excites the hell out of me. As a 7+ month pregnant woman, I can tell you that the best and most exciting feeling is when time flies. And time sure did fly by in that there month of October.

I've been feeling super, duper tired and large. My job is stressful and challenging and that seems to zap any kind of energy I have. Oh yea, and that two year kid running around my house kind of wipes me out too. It's nutty sometimes.

We haven't done much to prepare for the baby. We've done nothing actually. Well, we did move the crib out of #1's room and he is now in a "big boy bed". And that has created some living hell at our house because he can now get in and out of bed whenever he wants to. Including every morning by 5:30 AM. So it's a good thing we live in retirement land because we are up well before the sun rises and falling into bed by 8:30 PM. We aren't exactly the life of any party lately.

The good news is that #1 is doing great in school - he absolutely loves that place. He can count to 15 or 16 on his own, he can identify all numbers and letters, he is becoming a regular arts and crafts extraordinaire, and he fully understands what he is supposed to do in the bathroom, though we are still working on getting him to actually do anything in the bathroom other than brush his teeth, which he does about 15 times per day.

Although I don't think he fully understands yet that he is about to share his whole world with a new baby brother, he is starting to understand more and more every day. He points at my belly and says "baby", and last night he even pointed at my belly and said, "Alex". So something is sinking in, I think.

The long and short of it is things are pretty boring around here. I hope my energy levels return soon. And I hope November flies as fast as October did and that I'm soon in baby ga ga-land. One friend had her baby last week, another is ready to go within the next 3 weeks, and I am still counting down another 10-11 weeks or so. Uggity, ugh, ugh, ugh. I'm not very good at this pregnancy crap. I'm too anxious.

I'd like to wish Mr Real Simple the best of luck in this weekend's New York City Marathon. GO # 148534!!! We'll be watching and rooting for you from our pool-side seats here in Sunny Florida.

And finally, a few pics of #1 dressed as his current OBSESSION. Yes, he is OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine. Even still, he couldn't really understand the need to walk around in an uncomfortable suit and hat, and left the costume on all of, oh, about 10 seconds. We didn't even trick or treat (thank god, the last thing that kid needs is candy...). So, that was it, and here are the pics to prove it.

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Amy said...

Nice update, thanks...Mur's number is #1922 - tune in....