Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Palace Awaits our Arrival

We're headed to the Buena Vista Palace at Walt Disney World tomorrow. We're going with some friends and their two kids. We are really excited to get away, relax, and relax. We even have a babysitter for Saturday from 4 PM - Midnight! WOW! Very exciting.

We actually have an itinerary which I'm not excited about. I much prefer to wing it, but with 3 kids and 4 adults I recognize the need for a plan.

We arrive tomorrow and will relax and hang at the pool and enjoy the hotel with the kids.

Saturday morning it's Breakfast with Elmo at Sea World, followed by a few hours of Sea World sightseeing. It will be hotter than fuck so who knows how long that will last.

After that the guys will head off to golf and the gals will get the kids to nap. Once the babysitters arrive at 4 PM we are off to the spa. YEA!

Then, the adults get to go out alone. This is huge, HUGE I tell you. We never (hardly ever) get to leisurely enjoy a nice dinner and speak with adults without constant interruption. We are usually stuffing our face and chugging our drinks so we can bolt from a restaurant before any kids we are with (including our own) start to blow. They are like ticking time bombs.

Wish us luck with all that. Hopefully we actually go to dinner, and we actually enjoy ourselves. But even if we just hang out and do nothing, we'll be doing it with the knowledge that our kids are fine, and we don't have to worry about chasing them through parking lots, or plucking them out of little lakes or waterfalls. Those pesky kids always know how to find the one and only place they aren't supposed to be.

Sunday it's another character breakfast for the kids, this time with Mickey Mouse and Friends. Then we head home. In between all that we'll be shopping, sleeping, and hopefully enjoying and relaxing.

We're super excited just to get away. Life has been overly stressful, and no matter how many times someone tells me that I should put my life in perspective and suck it up, I guess I just can't. My life is stressful, damnit!

Of course every trip like this comes with stories and drama. And since I won't be drinking, that means I won't be drunk. So hopefully that means the drama will be all about someone else.... we shall see.

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Amy said...

Enjoy it, have a great time....