Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Proof

Here is further proof we are having another boy. If you aren't sure what this is... first, try to find the part of the photo that shows the baby. Look at the letters OB right under Especially For Women and then go straight down about an inch. You are looking at two legs from the back (think of them sticking up in the air). Between those two legs are the boy parts, and right below that is the rear end.

That was the best photo we could get, and we actually didn't care! Funny how The World and Everyone was always right when they said, "things are just different after the first one. You won't take as many pictures of the second one."

We used to direct the doctor to get the perfect shot of our little bundle of joy, but we haven't even tried to do that this time. We haven't set up a web site dedicated to his fetal growth, and we haven't started putting his room together. Yes, we have plenty of time, but I can already tell that things are going to be very different with #2. I mean, of course things will be different. And that is because we have relaxed quite a bit about the whole thing. Which, hopefully, will mean that #2 will be more relaxed too. Because #1 is wound up and a little bit manic.

So this time I am ordering up a relaxed child, please. Please. Please???????

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