Saturday, August 11, 2007

Free Stuff

I was searching the inter-webs for free stuff. Actually, free diapers or diaper coupons. That's how I came across these freebies. Get a hotmail account to sign up for all this because you'll get plenty of junk email in return.

Free copy of What to Expect the First Year
Even if you won't use it this book is a good baby shower gift. You just have to sign up for their newsletter to get your free copy.


Free sample of Lacoste Essential, the new fragrence for men.

Get a free mood ring when you sign up to receive a newsletter from This web site appears to be part of the Oprah empire.

I am still trying to figure him out. He seems to really enjoy wine, and you can watch him tell you all about it in many short videos, which are funny (right?).

Watch this video, fill out the form, and he'll send you this wrist band.


I signed up for all this crap and more (free formula, free diapers, free diaper bags, who knows what I'll receive...).

I'm trying to find free beauty products. If you know how to get them let me know!

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