Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who Are You?

So there is some faction of anonymous types who read this blog but don't comment, and instead send me anonymous emails challenging my thoughts. I appreciate it, I really do. I actually want to be challenged and wish more people would challenge me in a public forum. I learn best through interaction and debate, and I learn best by understanding where others are coming from in their thought process. I could go off on a tangent about why some people are afraid to discuss and challenge but I'll save that for another time.

So, about my last post. Ok I get the prejudiced thing. I am probably prejudiced in some way but I never considered myself to be so. Not in the sense that I think people mean when they accuse someone of being prejudiced.

An emailer pointed out that I'm not really prejudiced toward a certain type of person, rather I am prejudiced toward inter-racial relationships.

Now this has some validity to me and makes me really think (thank you Anonymous emailer).

There's a girl I work with who is white and she only dates ("fucks") black guys. I have always been a little leary of her motives around this, if there are any. But I never considered that my thoughts were prejudiced in nature.

Someone else wanted to know why I "missed the boat" on my Jessie Davis commentary by failing to point out the double standard for black men because Mr. Cutts was charged with double murder (Jessie and baby). Someone (who are you people?!) wants me to discuss the merits of charging Cutts for the murder of an unborn baby when as a society we never charge anyone with murder who gets an abortion. Who gets to decide when a baby is a baby and therefore, when a viable life was taken?

Heavy stuff, you anonymous people. Again I ask, who are you!?

No matter, I will not be writing a commentary on whether we should arrest women for murder if they have chosen to get an abortion. I can see both sides of that debate, although I don't see how black men fall into this particular debate. I ask you anonymous Peeping Toms whether you know when a baby can live on its own outside the mother's body, and also if you are aware of the laws regarding at what point during a pregnancy a woman can legally obtain an abortion?

Jessie was 9 months pregnant carrying a full-term baby that could have lived on its own, and I fully support the murder charge for Cutts killing this child (his child). I will discuss this in an open forum with anyone willing to do so. If you wish to remain anonymous I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but I do appreciate your input. Don't be shy, though. We're all friends here.


meg said...

Why can't I see these annon e-mails? Post them.

Head Whiner said...

they are from these weird "anonymous" email sites with email addresses like ihatebloggers@anonymousemail.com, or suzysmith@gmail.com

Here's the text of Suzy Smith's last one: Whiner, ever think outside perceptions of being prejudiced and expanding on that? for example maybe you are prejudiced when it comes to inter-racial relationships since you refer to davis/cutts, and OJ.

Here's the text of another: You missed the boat on your commentary. what about women who murder by abortion. why aren't they charged with murder? why are black men charged but white women who get murder by abortion are not????

Previously to this I would get them in regard to the blog wars I referred to with Violent Acres, The Girl Who and some other web sites I frequent which are solely set up to make fun of people. I assume the anonymous emails have something to do with all those people but I'm not sure why they are anonymous. It's weird. Because I have received them before I figured it was those random people. Isn't it weird that people would send me anonymous emails instead of posting here anonymously?