Sunday, June 24, 2007

Strange but True

I am a sucker for drama, especially true crime drama. I'm fascinated to the point of fixation. Ever since I can remember reading books, I have always gravitated to the true crime section. The OJ Simpson trial was sadly a highlight in my life. It was almost a luxury to be a Journalism student during the most sensational true crime trial ever. I remember a class called Journalists and True Crime: A Discussion. Well, our discussion took place at a bar with TVs so we could all keep watching the OJ trial. I shared an obsession with these people, and I loved every minute.

Jessie Davis is the most recent tragedy that keeps me glued to The Nancy Grace Show. I figured Jessie's boyfriend, Bobby Cutts, was involved from the beginning, and I was suspicious of his every word and action. I actually thought his wife was somehow involved, and that is turning out to be a wrong assumption. But he, yes, he was definitely involved.

Nancy Grace and others are naturally comparing this to the Laci Peterson case. Makes sense because both Jessie and Laci were 9 months pregnant when they were murdered.

But here's the thing: I never pegged Laci's death on Scott Peterson and I wasn't at all suspicious of his actions and words like I was with this Cutts guy. Peterson offed his wife, for sure, but I wasn't really sure until well into the trial.

But OJ? He was guilty as hell from the get-go. Cutts? Guilty!

I was on the fence with Scott Peterson and even The Menendez Brothers.

Does this mean that I am prejudiced?


Amy said...

No. Just because Cutts isn't as savey as those white/hispanice dudes doesn't mean you are prejudice.

Amy said...

I've spent hours at this site, looking at pictures and reading the violations.