Sunday, June 17, 2007

Look at me look at me look at me I'm a winner

Dear Mrs. Wine Shriner,

We first would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy!

You recently filled in our BabyMoon survey at

We have the pleasure to inform you that you are the winner of the month May.

We would like to send the Bulgari gift set to you and therefore would need your shipping address.

We wish you a wonderful day and warm greetings from The Netherlands,
BabyMoon luxury pre-birth getaways
Schilberg 3
3825 GE Amersfoort
The Netherlands


rollo said...


Head Whiner said...

no clue

Anonymous said...

Head Whiner said...

scary stuff, those pot smokers, wreaking favoc on the world, sitting on their couches, and boring everyone all day long

Amy said...

So what was in the gift set?

Head Whiner said...

some fancy shmancy baby products - lotion, soap, etc. very nicely boxed and packaged. i'm a sucker for packaging.... and the baby stuff gets me thinking about the new nursery.... how to set it up and decorate and whatnot.