Thursday, June 28, 2007

Celebrate Celebrate Dance to the Music

Some of my best friends are descending on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico this weekend. The Real Simple Athletes are celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss and are renewing their vows on their anniversary, July 5. Since I got myself knocked up I had to bail on this trip. I feel terrible about missing this. Those crazy kids will have an awesome time and I'm so proud of them for reaching this important milestone in their lives and for sharing it with so many people they love.

They are each such unique individuals but together the Real Simple Athletes are a terrific team. Over the last 10+ years I have watched them both grow and together they have developed a relationship that many people in this world can only wish and hope for.

Here's Mrs. Real Simple.

And Mr. Athlete. This pic is a little dated but I imagine he'll be sporting this very same look on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

And here are a few of the happy couple together

Happiest of happy days and have a wonderful anniversary.

I love you. Have fun. Cheers!


Mrs. Real Simple said...

holy crapola! just wiped back a tear...of joy! so sweet of you. We will miss you. we'll be sure to pee on the floors a couple of times in your honor!

mrs. real simple said...

these pics are priceless! I can't believe you have them! Awesome!

Amy said...

Great tribute. You will be there in spirit.