Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond.

I'm not good with a lot of people fawning over me. I'm not good with a lot of people staring at me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, even at certain once-in-a-lifetime moments when it shouldn't.

True story: the other night, me and 5 other women are standing around. One of them pipes up, "Kim has never looked so cute. I have never seen her wearing cute earrings and cute outfits. She just looks so cute today."

I stood there, trying to smile, trying to change the subject, whilst everyone is staring at me.

All I heard is, "Kim is ugly and today she kind of looks cute."

I heard this version because I ALWAYS try to look "cute" around this group. I swear, I always DO look cute.

What's weird is that I've been getting a lot more attention lately and not for reasons you would think. And the cute comment came, even as I stared at all of them with a big black shiner under my eye.

You see, I was wrestling with my Little One over the weekend, and he gave me a head butt. And it hurt like a god damned mother fucker.

And now everyone is staring at me, and I hate every minute of it.

Except that this time, perfect strangers are constantly staring at me, whispering, creating a story in their world about why I have a black eye. They are trying to figure me out and they are oh so wrong.


Anonymous said...

you are loved, respected, a great best friend, a wonderful mother, a great vp, an awesome wife, a true inspiration to a lot of people and damn it, people are looking at you because you are fucking cool as shit!.

just breath!

tommy b. said...

nice shiner, shriner! i'm sure you look cure all the time. if your weren't married, i might try one of those internet things with you. *wink*

-tommy b. - charleston, sc

Head Whiner said...

anon - it's difficult for me to be any two or more of those on your list at the same time. Woe is me. Break out the violin. Or the pills and booze. I'll take whateva' you gots.

tommy b - you are very loyal. who is you? reveal thyself. do i know you?

Anonymous said...

Meg said...

that Pearl cracks me up every fuckin' time! LOL