Monday, May 21, 2007

Get Your Vote On

She is at it again with her Internet shenanigans. She wants you to vote for her campaign song. How nice.

What is the point of this? Are we expected to believe that Hillary is a fan of Smash Mouth and Jesus Jones? She must be a huge U2 fan, what with two U2 choices on the list. What about the classic U2 song She Moves in Mysterious Ways? That would be perfect for Ms. Lady Hill.

So what is the point, exactly? Is she being sly and trying to figure out what demo she appeals to? Is she trying to determine who visits her web site?

Does this mean that if Hillary is President she will create a web site where we can all go and vote on issues so she doesn't have to think?

Hillary, honey. It's YOUR campaign song. YOU are running for President. Choose your own song and make something for yourself. You have a brain. Use it!

P.S. How about Michael Jackson's Beat It?


tommy b. said...

nice blogs lately, shriner. my wife suggested "Loser" by Beck. After all, SC is a red state. LOL. more what to do this holiday weekend.

Amy said...

show yourself