Monday, March 26, 2007

You Just Want Me To Take You For A Ride

Don't ask me how I found this, I just did.

Are you ready?

Well you see the damn picture there, don't you? It's a music-powered vibrator.

No bullshit. And if you already knew about this and failed to tell me, well then shame on you.

Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods this type of device is just not available on every street corner. Is this something you can pick up at one of those Super Duper Apple Computer Ipod Supercenter Concept Stores I have heard so much about?

You can call me a redneck. Or you can point out that there is one of these Superduper stores right here in my sort-of richy rich town. But I haven't been there. I would like to see an instore demonstration though.

Too bad for me. A little further investigation reveals that Apple Computer does not endorse the OhMiBod. You can buy these online, though. See the Bose speaker version? Very handy.

If you need more convincing, some cool kids over at Macheads did a little product review.

There's also a Club Vibe where you can compare notes with other members. And if you can't wait for the annual meeting, there's always the OhMiBlog.

So tell me: Which song would you choose on your first go around with this bad boy?

If you can't decide, there's always the OhMiBod suggested playlists, with easy links to download right to your iPod. Let me know how it goes.


Meg said...

Ah, if I were a guy I'd want my chick to do it to...Come on Eileen.

Amy said...

I was just in there today, Keith's taking classes there in order to learn how to use his new apple - maybe they can teach him more than I imagined....

Head Whiner said...

Yes you can...