Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm Booked, I'm There, I'm So Fucking Excited

At long last, my plans are made. I thought I was behind the curve but I spoke to Mr Boston Marathon himself, and let's just say, well, I'm not surprised. But yea, he is dicking the dog. He is thinking about making a reservation, maybe, kinda, after he gets back from a "thinktank".

What? Huh?

News Flash: The Boston Marathon Flights may be limited. And really, my flights weren't Upstate New York Wedding Expensive, but they weren't cheap. Get your seat NOW! Jesus.

I am leaving Sat. April 14 around noon-ish enroute to Providence. I'll be there right around 4:20, perfect timing to visit Mr. and Mrs. P (for Providence, which really has nothing to do with them, so I should come up with something better, which I probably will when I'm there, can't wait... , can't wait..). I will hang with them for the night and I'm really excited. It's been waaaaay too long. Embarrasingly so.

Sunday I'm hoping Mrs. P will drive me to Boston, and hopefully stay the night too. Hint, hint... cause, yea, it would be the bomb to revisit the Franklin Cafe with the person I sat at the bar the most with, and drank the most martinis with, and smoked the most cigarettes with, and shot the most shat with.

Which brings me back to my place. Boston. I will be returning to honor my pledge to be there when Mr Real Simple makes it to the Big Leagues. I'm so there, and I'm so proud, like he's my kid, or brother, or cousin, or something.

Team Mr Real Simple will be all about beantown and while I can't divulge our game day strategy, let's just say, we plan on winning. And what we will win, is to be determined.

After we celebrate our wins I will depart on Tuesday out of Boston on a mid-morning flight.

So please book your god damned flights.

And now I have to tell Mrs P about this blog. Welcome sweets, I miss you.


Head Whiner said...

who is in charge of t-shirts?

janiesol said...

Mr and Mrs P are equally f'ing excited!! I'll have to get back to you on the boston overnite, but I CAN say, the Franklin has never been the same without you...

oh! and Mr and Mrs P is apt, we're all about prov these days, can't wait to share it with you!

Head Whiner said...

providence rocks. i can't wait. stayed tuned and check back often on my bloggy blog. it's funny. i'm a dork. but i don't care anymore. it's me. pass it on to anyone i might have lost touch with. where is caitlin?

Head Whiner said...

of course I meant "stay tuned.." my typing skills are horific lately

Head Whiner said...

yea, horrific. fuck you, I'm OCD on the spelling and grammar thing.