Monday, March 26, 2007

Holy Shitski

Well then. An offhanded comment about some stupid blog war and all of a sudden I have lots of peeps knocking on my door. I, uh, had no idea.

So what happened anyway? All of this crazy ass Internet shit is fucked up. Why is The Girl Who writing her own installments? Why is V responding to The Girl Who? This behavior seems abnormal for Ms. V.

I love that someone finally knocked V off her high horse. But I also smell something fishy. And am I the only dorkesse wondering where oh where in the Internet world is Lola responding to all this fallout?

I'll get back to regularly scheduled bullshit soon. My Little Guy is sick, again. Ear infection/Sinus infection. Needless to say, he has basically been stuck to me for days. And by stuck, I mean stuck together with snot. It's nasty around here. Be back soon....

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