Thursday, March 1, 2007

Food Fun

Christmas Dessert 2006
Poached Pears with Gingerbread. Source: Martha Stewart Living
Photo Credit: Mr. Grass

Since we have the Little Little two year old, we don't go out much. But that doesn't stop us from trying new foods and delicious wines.

Because I love to entertain and try new recipes and food ideas, I am going to use this blog in part to archive some of my favorite eating and drinking recipes, photos, web sites, and ideas. The occassional restaurant review may slip in, but not very often. Like I said, we don't get out much. Good thing we made up for that before Little Little was born. We used to go out, like, oh, every day. No more, friends. We are homebodies now. It's still fun and it's even more fun with friends. I'm happy we have a few good friends who also enjoy wine and food as much as we do.

So check back often to see and read about our latest fun food antics. And please, send your own favorites and photos so we can share our love of wine and food together. If you need some inspiration click around some of my favorites food and wine web sites over there in the sidebar thingy.

I also decided I don't like this blogger template. I am going to keep working on the look until I find something I like.

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