Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Speak Up

It's new, it's anonymous. Say what you want, bitches.


Head Whiner said...


meg said...

gross image....off to che che party that i totally have to play the wifey-card at...ugh. too bad I'm 4.5 glasses in....thanks to slanty eye borland

Andrew said...

For the Record, Meg did not play the wifey card. Donald Rumsfeld was sighted at the gala but left before we got there. Good thing, Meg almost clocked a young republican babe. I can only imagine Meg bumping into Rummy...

Meg: "Watch it Grandpa, you just made me spill my drink!"

Rummy: "Young lady, I don't like your tone of voice, and frankly I find your concern over alcohol to be unbecoming of a woman."

Meg: Yeah? Well this woman is about to become the one who kicks you in the nuts if you don't look where you are going."

Rummy: (Steely eyed gaze and frowning) "Now you see here Missy, I was captain of the wrestling team at Princeton. You threaten me again, and I'll have you twisted like a salted pretzel."

Murray: "Hey, there you are! Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you..."

Meg: "Well my husband is here, and he won't let that happen."

Murray: "Is that Donald Rumsfeld? Why is he looking at us like that?"

Meg: "Kick his ass honey!"

Amy said...